About Us

Flitwick News

We are an independent and regulated local news website based in Bedfordshire.

When was the last time you heard about your village in the news? Was it for something positive or negative?

Did the story discuss a serious issue affecting your home life? Did it pose any possible solutions to that issue?

The truth is, due to restructuring, the legacy papers in nearby towns can’t get to every area, village or street. They can’t talk to the people that live in their extended patch. They can’t deliver these stories to you. Unless it’s to talk about crime.

Flitwick News will follow every issue affecting your community.


Where you will find your local news

You will get your news from the Flitwick News Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds and from our multimedia website.

The stories will range from profile pieces about your next door neighbour who organises a charity event, to essays documenting Flitwick’s expansion.

There will also be in-depth investigative reports on nuisance and persistent crime. Flitwick News will also have extensive political coverage about who represents you at the town council, Central Bedfordshire Councils and at Westminster.

You won’t see this type of immersion and multi-dimensional storytelling about your home from another source.

Flitwick provides local news that is investigative, inclusive and relevant to Flitwick’s residents.

It also enables local companies to advertise to local people.

Flitwick News goals are:

  1. To provide accurate and timely news updates
  2. To provide investigative journalism (such as ‘where is the new doctors’ surgery?
  3. To provide a vehicle for local groups/people to promote their causes/clubs/etc
  4. To provide a medium for local companies to advertise to residents
  5. To provide another outlet for public announcements

If you have a story or a story idea please use the ‘Contact Us’ form or call 01234 480950.



Our complaints procedure can be found here.