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Bedfordshire Police’s Boson team: “Disruption and enforcement days of action are a key part of the team’s work”


The Bedfordshire Police Boson Team is dedicated to tackling gun and gang activity. Last week, it conducted a series of proactive patrols in Luton and Bedford to target serious youth violence.

Officers took to the streets to gather intelligence, disrupt criminal activity and reassure the local communities as part of their on-going work to reduce serious crime linked to gangs and county lines in the county.

In a six-month period from February to July this year, Boson carried out 43 warrants, made 108 arrests and seized almost four kilograms of Class A and Class B drugs, as well as around £67,800 in cash.

Detective Inspector Mark Pugh, the force operational lead for drugs, county lines and serious youth violence, said:

“Disruption and enforcement days of action are a key part of the team’s work, as well as focusing on prevention to divert young people away from gangs.

“The force has seen a nine per cent reduction in serious youth violence across the county in the 12 months to March, which equates to around 200 fewer victims.

“Boson works closely with partner agencies, such as the Bedfordshire Violence and Exploitation Reduction Unit, to identify young people and help them turn their life around.

“It is important to show our young people an alternative path and break the cycle of gang violence and exploitation.”

Four men from Luton were charged with drug offences following the operation.

Anyone with any information about drugs or gang activity is asked to contact police on 101 or visit Bedfordshire Police’s website.

All this information is fed into police intelligence systems and can help officers get a better understanding of organised crime.

For more information or support about getting out of a gang, please visit Beds VERU.

Bedfordshire Police Boson Team - wraps
Bedfordshire Police Boson Team – wraps


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