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Monday, 20 September 2021

Click it or risk a ticket – Bedfordshire Police supports national seatbelt campaign


Seatbelts save lives and those who fail to ‘click it’ risk getting a ticket or worse, warns Bedfordshire Police at the start of a national seatbelt campaign that starts today (24 May 2021).

The Force said that over the past two years, 518 motorists and passengers were stopped in Bedfordshire and fined for not wearing their seatbelt.

The vast majority (87%) of these were men and most offenders were aged between 21 and 50.

Inspector Ed Finn, community policing road safety lead, said:

“We hope that this campaign will serve to remind everyone to fasten their seatbelt at the start of every journey. If you don’t click it you risk being seriously injured or killed in the event of a collision.

“We will be taking positive action against those who we identify as not wearing seatbelts on the roads of Bedfordshire. Officers will be engaging with drivers and using enforcement powers to issue tickets if necessary.”

During the campaign there will be dedicated patrols throughout the county to target those who don’t wear seatbelts and all officers will be being extra vigilant as they conduct routine patrols.

John Guinn
I am the editor of The Flitwick Chronicle. This is an independent, local news service based in Bedfordshire. The Chronicle provides local news that is investigative, inclusive and relevant to the residents of Flitwick.

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