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Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service supports Brake Road Safety Week 2021


This year, Brake Road Safety Week’s theme is road safety ‘Heroes’. It is aimed at celebrating the work carried out by road safety professionals.

Brake Road Safety Week sets out to educate drivers about those who ensure each journey is as safe as possible, and who make crash scenes safe.

Road crashes have a devastating effect on families and communities. These are tragic events, and death and life-changing injuries have a devastating effect on families and communities.

As well as the immeasurable cost to those who are injured and bereaved, the economic cost of reported and unreported road crashes is estimated to be around £36 billion per year.

Brake Road Safety Week is about encouraging everyone who uses UK roads to seriously consider their responsibilities and actions, and to ensure they are prepared for every journey in order to keep others safe.

Who are our road safety ‘Heroes’?

Road safety heroes include all professionals who work to make vehicle journeys safer and to respond to road traffic collisions. These include school crossing patrols, roads policing officers, highway engineers, Fire and Rescue Services, Ambulance services, and every road user who holds the responsibility of keeping others safe.

Without school crossing patrols, children would be unable to safely walk to and from school during busy rush hours. Children are especially vulnerable on roads, with more than six children aged 15 and under killed or seriously injured on a road in the UK every day.

Without road policing officers, drivers who drive irresponsibly or recklessly without adhering to speed limits or under the influence of drugs and alcohol will be at much higher risk of being a danger to other road users.

Without Fire and ambulance response services, victims at the scenes of a crash would often have a very small chance of survival.

With the help of specialist tools such as cutting equipment and cranes, Fire and Rescue Services work quickly to rescue casualties trapped in vehicles and are highly trained in administering first aid on scene.

Paramedics provide life-saving treatment at the crash scene and trained drivers transport people to hospital if they need more treatment.

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service’s website has more for information on road safety.

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