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Pen a love letter to your pet


Protectivity is looking for the UK’s Best Pet

Insurance provider for pet businesses, Protectivity, has launched a competition to find the best pandemic pet in the UK. The winner will receive £100 worth of vouchers split between Canvas Creatures and Pet Planet, as well as a £100 donation to an animal charity of their choice.

When the UK went into lockdown back in March 2020, Brits found their lives and routines turned upside down. However, as people were unable to see their friends and family and with usual social and leisure activities restricted, pet owners around the country found a huge source of comfort in their animal friends.

Sean Walsh, marketing manager at Protectivity. said:

“Our pets really can make a huge difference to our lives and I think we’ve really seen the true extent of this over the last 12 months or so in particular. We know that previous studies have shown that dogs can have a de-stressing effect on us, with dogs also used for therapy purposes in prisons and other settings – but the same can be said for other pets too.”

“Over the last year, all of our pets, whatever species, have provided us with not just company but a focus and purpose too. When at our lowest points, knowing that we have a responsibility of care for our pets can be just enough to get us up in the morning. So that being said, if your pet has made a real difference to your life during the pandemic, we’d love to hear your stories.”

Many viral videos have emerged over the last year, making light of the way that our pets may be enjoying the company and additional attention they are receiving while we spend more time at home.

These videos also highlight how important our pets have been at providing us with routine, a way to relax, and also a source of comfort during this difficult time.

Since pets up and down the country have such an impact on their owners’ lives, with each pet and owner having their own unique bond, Protectivity is asking households to share their lockdown pet stories in a bid to find the UK’s ‘Best Pet’

The prize:

The winning entrant will receive £100 of vouchers split between Canvas Creatures and Pet Planet to purchase a treat for both themselves and their pet.

A further £100 will also be donated to the animal charity of the winner’s choice.

To enter, click here and fill out the entry form to let Protectivity know just how your pets have helped you over the past year.

Don’t forget to include your best snaps of your pet too!

The competition closes on 23 February 2021. You can view the T&Cs here.

Write a love letter to your pet Image - Protectivity
Write a love letter to your pet Image – Protectivity

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