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Review: The Rocky Horror Show, Milton Keynes Theatre


Why is that man just wearing pants and fishnets?”. My wife has just been introduced to the kitsch and camp Rocky Horror Show, which is showing at Milton Keynes Theatre (Mon 2 Aug – Sat 7 Aug 2021).

The audience is a vital part of The Rocky Horror Show. It involves dressing up (hence the pants and many other wonderful costumes), heckling (both of which I did not do) and dancing along to the Time Warp, (which I did, but out of time).

The Rocky Horror Show was created by Richard O’Brien (Crystal Maze). The plot, such as it is, follows the newly-engaged, all-American, innocent couple Brad (Ore Oduba) and Janet (Haley Flaherty) as they try to find help after their car breaks down in the middle of a storm.

From now on, whenever I hear either of those names there will be some involuntary word association. Sorry to all the Brads and Janets I will meet in the future.

The couple stumbles across a castle, and then that’s when it all goes a little strange…

The castle is the home of the outrageous scientist and transvestite Frank N Furter (Stephen Webb), who reveals his latest creation, the very muscular and acrobatic Rocky.

Strictly Come Dancing winner (14th series), Oduba is a very good Brad. I didn’t know much about him and I wondered if he was going to be out of his depth in the show. But he played Brad very well, coming across as a very believable (can this word be used when describing Rocky Horror?) 50/60s American nerd.

Like most people, I first discovered Frank N Furter when he was played by Tim Curry in the screen version – a very difficult act to follow.

But Webb is outstanding, you get the feeling that the hardened fans would follow anyone playing Frank, but Webb was impossible not to follow as he moved around the stage.

Some of the show’s tunes have never been for me. But they do sound better live, especially with the ‘heckles’ (I’ve been told that there are lists of these online to help you to join in) and audience participation.

The Rocky Horror Show was hilarious from start to finish. And, as I mentioned, it even got me up dancing (badly). If you need a fun night out and a good laugh, then catch the show before the tour moves on.


Visit MK Theatre to book tickets. The Rocky Horror Show runs until Saturday 7 August 2021.


John Guinn attended The Rocky Horror Show as a guest of Milton Keynes Theatre.


Rocky Horror Show ©The Other Richard
Rocky Horror Show ©The Other Richard

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