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What’s On: Ladies Self Defence Course 21 June 2021


Former police officer (20 years with Northamptonshire Police) Andy Williams is running a ladies self-defence course at Flitwick Village Hall on 21 June 2021 (7-9pm).

The Realistic Self Defence Organisation (RSDO) is not a martial arts organisation. Andy said that most martial arts clubs profess to teaching self-defence, but this is usually based on their art. The training covers all aspects of self-defence, including breakaway and personal awareness.

RSDO classes are about teaching what is needed and how to use it. This is achieved keeping the techniques basic, simple, but effective. It is more about natural reaction and not highly polished technical moves.

Although RSDO aims the training over 16-year-olds, it does allow younger participants if they come with a parent or adult as everyone can benefit from this sort of training.

Attendees can wear any loose clothing; a special outfit is not required.

Booking is essential as RSDO will be keeping numbers below 30. With regards to any extension of the COVID lockdown, the class is categorised as indoor exercise, so Andy is able to run the event.

Hand sanitiser etc will be provided.

Call Andy on 07971 734029 to book your place.

John Guinn
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